Most Popular IQOS Flavors in Dubai, UAE, and the World

Most Popular IQOS Heets Flavors

IQOS has introduced an amazing alternative to harmful cigarettes. People who are trying to quit conventional smoking find IQOS Heets UAE a delight. This product does not create smoke and gives you an exact amount of nicotine without ash. This alternative is high in demand in Dubai. You can easily smoke it indoors, and it will not harm your lungs or affect people around you. There are several great flavors available which will definitely tease your taste buds. In this article, you will find the details about the most popular IQOS flavors that are high in demand in Dubai and all over the UAE.

Classic IQOS Heets Flavors

Heets Amber Selection

The most admired flavor is Amber selection. It has intense tones of roasted tobacco and has quite a strong smell. These aspects make it the perfect option for those who are new to IQOS Heets. They will find it exactly like conventional cigarettes with a strong strength of nicotine.

Heets Yellow Selection

It has a bit lighter tones than Amber Heets. If you prefer a mild hint of tobacco without menthol, then this flavor is perfect for you. The spicy notes and soft tobacco blend will satisfy the cravings of nicotine. You can use it every day if you are a non-smoker or a person who takes occasional puffs.

Heets Bronze Selection

This flavor of Heets is a blend of dried fruit aroma and hints of cocoa. You will find it a new sensation because it is different from regular cigarettes. However, it has the strongest tones of tobacco in the entire range of Heets. It is a good option for smokers who are switching to IQOS.

Heets Turquoise Selection

This flavor has menthol hints. The velvet-like soft notes of high-quality tobacco blend will give delicate undertones of spicy notes. If you like ordinary menthol cigarettes, then it is a perfect flavor for you. This flavor will also help you during the transition from regular cigarettes to IQOS.

Heets Purple Wave

There are several people who like a twist of flavors in smoke. This Heet is perfect for these people. It has a tingly aroma of berries which is blended with mild menthol. The first puff of Purple Wave will give you a hit of nicotine. Afterwards, it will produce a menthol flavor which ends up with berry tones.

Heets Silver Selection

This flavor was created by keeping people in mind who prefer conventional Marlboro flavor. The velvet-like tones of high-quality tobacco blend will give you an unforgettable experience. This is the most popular flavor of IQOS in Dubai because it gives the hint of parliament flavor.

Heets Green Zing

This product is a fresh mixture of herbal hits and citrus tones. The major notes of menthol are mixed with a blend of high-quality tobacco. The sensation of this flavor will tease your taste buds and keep your nicotine cravings in control. Although many habitual smokers will find it a bit strong, if you like menthol notes, then this flavor is perfect for you.

Heets Tropical Swift

This is another amazing blend of menthol flavor with notes of tropical fruits. The twisted hint of tobacco will keep you amazed. You would love to try it again, but this flavor is not a good option for regular use. Conventional smokers also find it quite sweet.

Heets Gold Selection

This is a great blend of finest tobaccos. The velvety notes will give you a better smoke session than regular cigarettes. It is also a good option for smokers who are planning to switch. These Heets are not much different than regular cigarettes with spicy notes.

Premium Heets Flavor

Heets Creation Yugen

This is a premium line of flavors with a floral aroma and intense combo of fruity tones. You can enjoy your nicotine dose with this amazing twist of flavors. It is high in demand among girls who like mild notes of cigarettes with a fresh smell.

Heets Creation Apricity

This is another velvety range of tobacco. You will get woody notes with creamy tones of nicotine. It will give you a warm sensation when you inhale and exhale. The fruity aroma will keep your senses engaged with the warmness of tobacco. It is quite a hit among habitual smokers in Dubai.

Heets Creation Glaze

The creaminess of tobacco and spicy hints of flavors are blended with aromatic herb. This is a premium and amazing range of Heets Creation that you would love to buy again and again. Every puff will satisfy nicotine cravings in a different way. This flavor is a favorite of many celebrities.

Heets Creation Noor

This flavor has citrus notes which are mixed with warm tobacco. The velvet-like undertones of nicotine will keep your taste buds busy. You will enjoy every puff as it gives warmth with tingy citrusy aroma. Many people like this flavor because it is mild and doesn’t hit the throat in a bad way.

Heets Yugen Dimensions

This is quite famous among habitual smokers. It is a limited-edition flavor so you must try it before IQOS stops producing it. The demand for Yugen Dimension is high in Dubai. The floral hints with fresh aroma of herbs are beautifully blended with tobacco warmth.

Heets Noor Dimensions

This flavor was created by experts. It is also a limited-edition version so you should also give it a try. The fruitiness is added to the rich flavor of tobacco. It will also leave warmth when you exhale. If you like to try something new, then go for this flavor of IQOS.

Heets Ammil Dimensions

This limited-edition flavor has woody tones which are blended with rich and warm tobacco. The spicy notes are also included with the velvety touch of tobacco. It is also a must-try flavor recommended by habitual smokers who are trying to quit and switch to a healthier IQOS option.


IQOS Heets offer a wide range of flavors that cater to different preferences. Whether you prefer the IQOS Heets classic tobacco taste or enjoy exploring new and unique blends, IQOS has something for everyone. These flavors provide a satisfying alternative to traditional cigarettes while minimizing the harmful effects associated with smoking. In Dubai, UAE, and around the world, IQOS has gained popularity among individuals who are looking for a safer and more enjoyable smoking experience.


Are IQOS flavors available worldwide?

IQOS flavors are available in various countries, including Dubai, UAE, and many other parts of the world. However, the availability of specific flavors may vary depending on the region.

Can I use IQOS flavors in public places?

IQOS emits vapor rather than smoke, which significantly reduces the impact on people around you. However, it is always advisable to follow local regulations and policies regarding the use of IQOS or any other tobacco-related products in public places.

Do IQOS flavors contain nicotine?

Yes, IQOS flavors contain nicotine. However, the levels of nicotine may vary depending on the specific flavor chosen.

Are IQOS flavors suitable for non-smokers?

IQOS flavors are primarily designed for individuals who are transitioning from traditional smoking to alternative options. Non-smokers are advised to refrain from using nicotine-containing products.

Where can I purchase IQOS flavors?

IQOS flavors are available for purchase at authorized IQOS stores, selected retail outlets, and online platforms. It is recommended to purchase from official sources to ensure authenticity and quality.

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